2013-Blind Gambler-solo exhibition

We are a people of ancient times, all gamblers.

More than five thousand years ago, in Zabulistan, the world's oldest dice in its modern shape,
has circulated in the hands of our ancestors .

Explosions and Impacts, Luck and fortune, have shaped our existence and the world has continued
on the same path up until the present day.

The Big Bang,is it the result of an Ace of Spades being thrown down?

Behind me, all events, run incessantly from one shoulder to another of ill-fated losers to cool-hand winners.
Some days, zillions bear a loss for just an inch of land and at times vast regions for the price of only one life.

What are we, gamblers or gambling devices? Which win is going to make us delighted
and what loss will make us feel dreary?
No one knows, perhaps the reason is that we've always played with our eyes shut.

We're all blind gamblers 
  Mojtaba Ramzi , Fall 2013
  Tehran,  Seyhoun Art Gallery