2010-The Ring exhibition

Some 37 years ago, I was born on a corner of our city Tehran. When I was only about 2 to 3 years old , I used to engrave big or small birdies and things that go bump in the night on the walls of the house with any sharp object that I could get my hands on. I think it was then that my drawing and sculpting genes were awakened. Not only my father and mother (God bless her soul), didn’t mind at all, but they would even show much enthusiasm. Well I mean is no one asked my permission to be born. Poor are the unwilling ones that fit into the first category, the ones that are born by mistake, for they do not have the same kind of freedom.


The taste of my childhood’s homeliness and comfort stayed with me until I grew up and went to school of Graphic Art and then got accepted into the Art School of Painting. Afterwards I continued my education up to the Master of Art in animation and overall I spent 20 years in school. Thereafter I started teaching in the university, in the drawing and sculpting field, which took away about 10 years of my life.


But through all these years that I’ve been watching these unwilling two-legged creatures, I could see some kind of madness that surrounded them and would make them unable to breathe even a word and then sacrifice pieces of their untamed human soul as if they were offerings. I could see that one by one they would become eliminated despite their awesome figures and unlimited abilities that are fragments of their essence. And in place of each opening that they block in their souls, a ring of servitude and slavery is used as an earring. A ring of tradition and society, parents, having a wife, power, fear and longing, becoming a husband and having a child, I don’t know, a ring of money. Whatever these rings maybe made of, we’ve become so close and one that it seems as if they’re penetrating our veins and becoming a part of us.


I have given these thoughts so much time and energy that my head feels like a dome. And now segments of these thoughts are the works that you see today in this exhibition. In memory of the time that I was only a child and would stand stark-naked by the wall and on it engrave birds and cows that had no rings on their ears!